Its important to have your pet vaccinated to help prevent the spread of disease.

We treat every animal that walks through our doors as though it was our own. 


Sometimes it's tough to know where to turn when your dog or cat isn't feeling well. Because we are a full-service clinic, your pet can get everything from nail trimmings to  X-rays, Comprehensive blood work to a Urinalysis without having to drive all over town to meet all of your pets needs. We have advanced diagnostics in our clinic and certified techs ready to help you and your pet.



​About our Clinic



It's important to stay on top of shots, overall health, and mental health issues.

What to Expect

We take both of our English setters to see Dr. Minton! The Dr. and his staff are very knowledgeable and wonderful  people!




One of the best-reasonable. Everyone there is great!



If you haven't been to a vet in a while, relax. Start with a complete checkup. We'll get your pet back on track.

Kiski Valley Animal Clinic has been servicing this area for over 70 years and is a family owned business. The practice is owned by Dr. Mark Minton, D.V.M. and employs 2 registered veterinary technicians, 2 veterinary assistants, 1 pharmacy technician, 1 office  manager and 2 clerks.